Plucked to Safety

“He will rescue my soul, untouched, plucked safely from the battle… God, enthroned from ancient times through eternity, will hear my prayers  ~ Ps. 55:18-19 TVB

When all is said and done, God will guard our souls – that inner part of us thsurviorsinthewater-194x300at drives our emotions and feelings.  We may become battle-scarred and weary, but ultimately, we will survive and even thrive because we believe in prayer.  We have no desire to “do life” without God’s intervention and presence.  We know that no one can pluck us from His hand, (John 10:28) but it’s also a comfort to know that He can pluck us from the battle at any time!  I’m so very grateful for this assurance! 

Elyon (Stong and Sovereign)… thank You for deliverance, time after time.  Thank You for hearing our prayers and always answering them just the way they need to be answered.  I don’t know the battles my brothers and sisters in the Lord are facing today, but You do.  Please rescue and deliver that precious one who is closest to exhaustion.  Thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever…


2 thoughts on “Plucked to Safety

  1. Thank you Kate. You are truly an encourager!


  2. Thank you for your wisdom , I appreciate you so much.

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