Prayer Journal 02.17.16

“The Lord replied, “Is it right for you to be angry about this?”” ~ Jonah 4:4 NLT

 Jonah had an extreme adventure – running from God’s plan for his life, being swallowed whole by a whale, being regurgitated onto dry land, preaching to the Ninevites and then seeing them repent and be spared.  He was not happy about God’s forgiveness toward these heathen people, thus prompting the question above. 

   God is sovereign and holy; knows the end from the beginning; loves with compassion and faithfulness.  Everything He does is for our good and His glory; we are just too dumb to see it.  We cannot see it, so we must rely on faith to believe that He is good and that His plan is being worked out for a reason, even if we cannot see it or understand it.  We can be angry about injustice and evil, but it is never right for us to be angry about things we do not understand or refuse to understand. 

Lord God Almighty, sovereign and holy; omniscient and omnipotent… I repent of being angry over things that I cannot understand.  I am angry about the lies and captivity of the evil one.  I hate Satan with a powerful hatred that impels me do what I can to unveil his ugliness and lead people to the beautiful truth only found in You.  But I must not turn my anger toward You when I do not understand why you choose to do the things you do.  I submit to Your plan and your purposes.  You alone have the right to call the shots and you will always call them correctly.  I praise you today for your greatness and for your omniscience.  Holy, holy, holy are you Lord God Almighty.  Be praised forevermore…


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