A Song is just a Song?

I find it interesting that shortly before Moses died, the Lord instructed him to teach the children of Israel a song.  Not just any song; and definitely not a “top-40” tune that tickles the ears and causes your toes to tap.  It was a serious song that would remind them of where they had been and prepare them for where they were going.  (It’s found in Deuteronomy 32… uh, don’t expect the praise team to sing it anytime soon! :))

God gave this song to Moses along with these instructions:   “Now write down this song… so that it may be a witness for Me… this song will testify against them…” ~ Deut. 31:19,21

Music is not neutral.  Every song is proclaiming a message.

Think about the songs that were sung at your wedding…  What if they were not just catchy tunes that called forth lovey-dovey feelings or the rote recital of a prayer?  (I actually talked my husband into singing a duet with me!  T23-wedding-paris-ceremony-636x636hat feat alone assured me that “he had it bad!!”)
What if the words of those songs rose up in judgment to testify for or against your marriage?

Take “The Lord’s Prayer” for example – if this popular song was included in your ceremony, is “Thy kingdom come/Thy will be done” still the cry of your hearts?  Is depending on God for daily bread and living a life of forgiveness a reality in your home?  Are you resisting temptation and giving the Lord all the glory forever??

As the Psalmist would say: “Selah” (Think about it!)

If we fall short of the loving feelings and actions featured in the lyrics, we can always pray to the One who gave us the gift of music and ask Him to restore and strengthen our love.

In the words of one popular wedding tune:

“Lead us to a place/ Guide us with Your grace/ Give us faith so we’ll be safe”                                                                  (“The Prayer” ~ Foster/Sager/Testa/Renis)



2 thoughts on “A Song is just a Song?

  1. very good blog, sonja. 🙂


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