I Am A Reader

I am a reader.  Reading is one of the joys and pleasures of my life; has been since I learned my ABC’s and will be until the day I die.

Sometimes I read things that stop me in my tracks and rock my world.

That happened to me today.

Most days, I read an article from our denominational magazine, The Evangel.  These articles are usually informative and helpful.  Today’s writing drove me to my knees.

My friend, Judy Griffis, shared an experience she had in a post-communistic country about the reality of child sex-trafficking.  While traveling in this country she learned that “there were several discreet buildings housing “human farms.”  There, young girls were taken and impregnated by force.  The babies born are afterward raised with the sole purpose of becoming child sex slaves.  They are then sent to other countries (including the United States)…  Upon further research, it has been noted that 2 million girls between the ages of 5 and 15 are introduced into the commercial sex market each year (UNFAR)…  Some stats noted that a prostituted child is forced to serve between 100 – 1500 clients per year per child.” (Evangel / May 2018 / p. 18)

Get over the “How could God allow this to happen?” mentality and embrace the fact that because He gave us free will, evil people will choose to do despicably evil things.  Now…  what will I choose to do?  What will you choose to do?

I can’t hop on a plane and jet off to a foreign city to lead a campaign against this wickedness (God hasn’t called me to do this). But I can be stirred to my core and pray like never before for these babies!

I can pray for the selfless men and women that God has called to rescue and restore these victims.

Also, the next time I am tempted to buy one more thing that I don’t really need, I can consider sending the money to Church of God World Missions “True Love for Children” Project (#1029264-005) [COGWM.org]

I didn’t ask to be born into a caring, loving Christian family in the greatest country in the world.  God in his mercy placed me into such a home.  I can ignore those less fortunate or I can thank God every day for choosing to bless me so extravagantly and, in return, find a way to be a blessing to the millions around the world with such a different story.

How about you?