Intangible Gifts

Many people (I’m talking millions!) buy gifts to show their love and appreciation for a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.  My husband, David, has always gone above and beyond to make me feel loved, but last year left me a wee bit perplexed.  Trying to “think outside the box” and give me something unique, he gifted me with flavored coffee pods for the Keurig and a box of gourmet organic oatmeal packets.  Nothing says love like food that keeps you regular!  🙂  We have had a good laugh about these gifts.  (I think I’m getting Belgian chocolates this year!)


Fancy flavored oatmeal aside, gift-giving has always been a tangible way to express feelings of love and honor.  But what about those “gifts” that you can’t put into a package or hold in your hand?  I’m talking about the intangible gifts that we can give every day, not just on special occasions.

How about the gift of physical fitness?  Taking care of yourself by eating foods that are good for you and exercising so that you can live as long as possible, as healthily as possible…

The gift of spiritual wellness – spending time with the Lord each day so that you are consistently taking on the likeness of Christ…

The gift of forgiveness – even when it is most difficult…

The gift of empathy – putting yourself in their shoes; keeping quiet and listening long enough so that you can recognize and appreciate where the other person is coming from and how they feel about it.

The gift of time – making the time to be together without the distractions of outside influences.

The gift of praying for one another every day…

I could go on and on, but I think you get my drift.  Some gifts you just cannot put a price tag on – and those gifts are always the best!

“Thanks be to God for His indescribable Gift!” 2 Corinthians 9:15

Love, joy and peace,





Making Cupid Blush

“Now suppose two men quarrel, and one hits the other with a stone or fist, and the injured person does not die but is confined to bed. 19 If he is later able to walk outside again, even with a crutch, the assailant will not be punished but must compensate his victim for lost wages and provide for his full recovery.” ~  Exodus 21: 18-19 NLT

You may be thinking, “Now that’s a special verse to choose for the day before Valentine’s Day!!”

I know, I thought so too, until the Lord led me to consider the difference in the “Law given by Moses” and the “Law of Love” proclaimed by Jesus.

Under the Mosaic Law, you had to provide for someone if you wounded them.  You made the mess, you had to clean it up.

But then Jesus comes along and answers a question about how to show love to our neighbor with a story about an outcast Samaritan who went out of his way to take care of a victim of someone else’s crime.  (Luke 10:30-37)  He didn’t cause the wounds, but the Law of Love led him to compensate and provide healing anyway.

Perhaps you are married to someone who has been victimized by the bandits of abuse and negligence…  Perhaps you have a friend with so many “issues” you’ve lost count of them all…   The Law of Moses would say, “You didn’t do it, you’re not responsible.”  But the Law of Love says, “I may not have been responsible, but I can’t pass by on the other side and pretend that everything’s fine.  Through the loving power of Christ, I will help bring healing and wholeness. I will do whatever it takes, whatever the cost, to make a difference.”cupid-god-of-love

This sentiment may not cause Cupid to blush, but it will honor the Lord and deepen the love you have for those God has brought into your life.

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Valentine’s Day,